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The 3 A's Behind Your Social Marketing Strategy
October 13, 2016

Social interaction is heating up now more than ever as businesses try to amplify their reach across all platforms to all audience at all time. Sounds like a lot of “all’s”. That being said, the efforts and resources required in the realm of digital and social can be overwhelming sometimes. Where do you allocate your efforts to boost your social presence without redundancy to provide a stellar personalized customer experience? Before you send yourself into distress over this common conundrum, allow me to enlighten you on the THREE A’s brands should deploy their social efforts around.


Be AGILE: Users are constantly changing their methods of interaction. The other day I contacted a support representative via an app with an inquiry, they replied to my request in an email ticket, and then I tweeted at their support twitter handle and thanked them. THREE different channels. The brand was able to meet my requests and questions across all channels. Brands must master the ability to span themselves across all platforms. This isn’t to say that they need to post 100x a day on each channel, which brings me to my next point…


Be ATTENTIVE: If your audience primarily engages on one medium of social, THAT should be your prioritized medium as well. Sometimes, it's deemed more worthwhile to veer away from the social hotspot at the moment and instead, be where your customers need you to be. It is however, still invaluable to be mindful of the social shift consumers are making. This is imperative especially in the realm of brand advertising and awareness. Compelling content on a variety of channels, in a variety of formats (whitepapers, infographics, podcasts) will create that social customer experience that everyone is aiming for today.


Be AUTHENTIC: While it seems effective to post more to expand your social footprint, quality is equally, if not more important that quantity. Utilize your top customers to spread the good word about your brand. Industry experts are also recommending bringing it back to the fundamentals: internal promotions. Your employees should be actively engaging with and promoting your brand on social. This way, brands will see you aren’t just spewing out repeat content, but rather, you have an authentic audience who listens and shares your content and messaging.


These three attributes are the groundwork for your social presence. Experts are constantly assessing the dynamic space of all things social media; be sure to tune into our upcoming webcast to hear more: Boom or Bust: 5 Social Media Trends Brands Must Invest In. Tune in on Thursday, October 20th @ 10 AM PDT.


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