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Success Story: Learn How You Can Leverage Klout Data to Drive Word of Mouth, Impressions & Revenue
November 05, 2015



Looking for a way to drive word of mouth, impressions and revenue? So are brands like Reebok and Famous Footwear. They turned to Insightpool, the predictive Word of Mouth (WOM) platform experts, to generate impressive business results.


So how did Insightpool enable these brands to achieve stellar results? They leveraged Klout to provide the best insights to their customer through Klout’s data of more than 700 million users.


We’re excited to show you in this success story how Insightpool enabled customers like Reebok to grow their WOM 33% higher than their competitor using Klout Data.


Read the case study here


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Janice Kim

Janice works on marketing and social media for Lithium + Klout. Follow the brand on Twitter @Klout.

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