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Lithium Delivers Next-Gen Audience Insights for Twitter’s Gnip 2.0 with Klout Enrichments
August 04, 2016

Back in 2011, we launched our first integration with Gnip, allowing their customers of Twitter streams to filter, optimize, and build a generation of analytics and social products with the simple power of the Klout Score. In 2013, we expanded the relationship with a premium enrichment, including more permissive enterprise business terms, and scratched the surface of Klout’s wealth of topical influence data (offering only two of our expertise topics).

Today we’re ecstatic to announce the next generation of the Klout Enrichments for Twitter’s Gnip 2.0 Products. Customers of Gnip 2.0 products will have the option to purchase a complete enrichment to every tweet with essential and actionable details for understanding an account’s influence, areas of expertise, and interests. Five years of partnering with and growing alongside Gnip has helped us hone these products for maximum value and utility to the most common uses, including analytics, marketing automation, Twitter Advertising, and more.


However, with this change we’ll be discontinuing the free Klout Score enrichment through Gnip. The strength in Klout’s assets and analytics have gone beyond the Klout Score. Marketers, advertisers, customer support, and analytics providers need a deeper view of their customers, competitors, and trends. That’s why the Klout enrichment will now include:


  • The Klout Score: The industry standard for at-a-glance social influence scoring.
  • Klout Influence Topics: The top five topics an account drives engagement for and is known for.
  • Klout Influence Expertise Scores: A measurement of how influential an account is in a given topic, compared to other relevant category influencers.
  • Klout Interest Topics: The top five areas that an account is interested in, culled from posts, bios and engagement, authenticated against Klout’s standards.
  • Klout Interest Topic Scores: A measurement of how interested a user is in a given topic, relative to other interests deduced by Klout.

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This new product reinforces Klout Data offerings we provide directly to our partners like Insightpool, Meshfire, SimplyMeasured, and Wayin, amongst others. Together with Lithium’s Community, Response, and Reach products, the Powered With Klout program is a centerpiece of the social data ecosystem. 


For more information about the Klout Enrichment for Gnip, including pricing, contact data-sales@gnip.com. You can also read Twitter's take on the partnership.



small.jpegTyler Singletary is the VP & GM of Klout and Consumer Data for Lithium. He is responsible for the operation, health, and direction of Klout’s website, integrations, and data assets, such as Klout.com, the Klout API, and partnerships with Twitter and others. Tyler has 18+ years of experience across technology, from law firms to startups. Prior to joining Lithium, he led Data Strategy & Developer Relations at Klout . He is a board member of the Big Boulder Initiative, a social data trade organization, and a recognized writer and speaker on data & API ethics and strategy. On Twitter, he’s @harmophone.